Mid-term Vehicle Rental Services

What is it about?

Our services also extend to mid term clients requiring rentals for between 1 month to 24 months.

Mid term rentals are subject to the availability of our near mint pre leased fleet which are pre used for no longer than 5 years. Our designated mid term fleet is under strict maintenance and servicing schedules during and after lease guaranteeing client vehicles that are in pristine working condition.

Experience comprehensive service from maintenance to breakdown assistance all for a single price.

Benefits of mid-term corporate vehicles

  • Mid-term rentals are ideal for probationary staff, seasonal needs and as a temporary or transitionary solution while you await your vehicle on order.
  • Clients receive the full complement of services rendered to long term clients.
  • Our mid term fleet consists of remarketed vehicles with full service history ready for purchase.


All Our Services

An array of major car brands are available with manufacturers’ warranty ready to be delivered directly to you.
Vehicle Management
We ensure relevant vehicle documentation is up to date and all mandated vehicle checks are made by our team so you don’t have to. We do all the leg work and bring our car right back.
Our maintenance and repair teams are highly trained professionals in a large network of authorized partners.
24/7 assistance in case of breakdown, accident or theft.
Tyre Replacement
We schedule regular tyre replacements depending on the duration and mileage of the contract.
Replacement Vehicle
We provide temporary or replacement vehicles to clients in the event of immobilization of the company vehicle within the limits of your package.
Fuel Management
We facilitate seamless fuel management via gas cards at major filling stations.
Obtain the best guarantees, outsourced claim management, within the limit of your package.
Our vehicles are tracked by a GPS system that analyzes the driver’s behavior and a monthly activity report is sent to you per the information you require.